The JASP Data Library


The JASP Team


July 15, 2024


This is the documentation for the examples contained in the JASP Data Library. The data sets are available in .jasp, html, and .csv format. This documentation will grow over time, and therefore we have added an edition number to the book title.

The example data sets come from various sources. For educational purposes we have included the material from two popular statistical textbooks, Field (2017) and Moore et al. (2012). This means it is now easy for teachers and students to use JASP and analyze the classic ‘Looks or Personality’ example from Andy Field, or the ‘College Success’ example from Moore, McCaib, and Craig. We also added the original example data sets that JASP users may be familiar with (ever wonder what the ‘Kitchen Rolls’ data set was all about?). A number of publicly available data sets have been added as well.